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Animal Flooring - Horse Matting

Animal Mats and Flooring: Horse & Dog
Horse & Dog Rubber, Interlocking, Portable and Stall Mats

Find of all types, sizes and materials. We offer horse stable mats made with high-quality 3/4 inch thick rubber, and portable horse trailer mats made from high density, EVA foam mat material. You can also find a large selection of animal floor options for dogs, including our popular interlocking foam dog agility mats.

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  • On Sale In Stock $2.02per SF Ships out 4-6 Working Days Durable, high quality rolled rubber ideal for fitness room floors and high traffic areas.

  • On Sale In Stock $1.79per SF Ships out 4-6 Working Days High quality rolled rubber flooring made from recycled material, high performance rubber flooring.

  • 2 Reviews On Sale In Stock $2.02per SF Ships out 4-6 Working Days Durable, high quality rolled rubber with 20% color in 8 mm thickness, West coast shipping.

  • On Sale In Stock $1.80per SF Ships out 4-6 Working Days Heavy duty rolled rubber flooring ideal for high traffic areas and sports floors.

Displaying 49-88 of 88 Products
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We offer an extensive line of horse flooring and mats for sale for your barn, wash bay, stalls, aisles or anywhere your horse will be spending time. Horse floors provide a comfortable cushion for your animals. Standing on concrete or other hard surfaces can do real damage to their legs and joints. Our flooring is durable enough to be used every day and designed specifically for equestrian areas. They are easy to install, muck and maintain and require no glue to keep them in place.

Foaling horse rubber mats with an anti-fatigue waffle bottom feature a durable yet cushioned surface. Horse flooring with button-top design is built for wash bay wet areas. These mats provide traction for horses and owners. Consult one of our horse mat specialists with questions.

Unlike dirt or natural bedding, horse rubber mats stay in place. Your animals won't dig through your floor and make a mess of your stalls. When they do track or mess your floor, you can easily muck the heavier mess with a pitch fork or wipe down or hose off the minor stuff to clean these horse mats quickly with little effort. Not only does this spare you the work of fighting gravel, dirt or frozen uneven ground, it keeps the floor level and safer for you and your horses. With proper installation, there are no holes to trip you or your horse.

Rubber mats are heavy enough to naturally resist shift, curling or buckling. Add in interlocking edges, and your horse stalls can boast a nearly seamless flooring effect that adds safety and convenience to your barn.

Mats for horses provide extra traction for your animals as well as for people. This provides a safer work environment. Wash bay mats feature a button top surface which maintains a sure-grip even when wet.

Our wash bay horse mats are available in kit sizes of 10x10, 10x12, and 12x12. Each wash bay mat comes in 3/4-inch thickness. Guaranteed for 10 years, they are built of rugged rubber material that is made specifically for wash bay areas. These horse mats are made in USA.

Our foaling kits come in a variety of sizes. They come with a waffle bottom to provide maximum traction for your horse. Edges can be straight or beveled depending on your needs. Unlike some other horse flooring, these mats are cut with a water jet precision. This provides the tightest fit between mats and virtually eliminates the seams. Foaling mats are made from 100 percent recycled materials so they are earth-friendly. Greatmats provides a 10-year warranty on these kits.

If you are looking for a lightweight option, try our Pebble Mats for your horse stall areas. This 2x2 mat is made of a remarkably strong EVA foam. Perfect for temporary areas where you'll need to move your horse flooring, these mats weigh only 3.2 lbs. each and can be installed without adhesive for an easy transport later. They come with 2 border strips per mat and a one-year warranty.

The proper animal floor can make all the difference.

Request a free sample or price quote for any of our animal floor options.

Rubber and foam flooring options are excellent for dogs, providing a slip resistant, yet forgiving surface for training, play or rest.

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Honor a horse or dog trainer by nominating him/her for the Greatmats National Dog Trainer of the Year or Greatmats National Horse Trainer of the Year Awards. Nominations are accepted annually during the month of October, and voting takes place on our Facebook page in November. Read about the 2015 and 2016 Greatmats National Dog Trainer of the Year Jeremy Joseph Brown or 2016 National Horse Trainer of the Year Jessica Moctezuma.

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