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3-Part Entrance Mat System

Find a large variety of , carpets and rugs. Greatmats offers a selection of durable residential and commercial 3 part entrance mats for home, office buildings, and lobby areas.

Each part of the 3 part entrance mat system is available in sizes ranging from 2 to 4 feet wide and lengths up to 60 feet. Custom lengths are available. Colors include charcoal, burgundy, navy blue and hunter green. The entrance mats lay flat without the need for adhesives.

Brush Loop Entrance Mats
The first mat in the 3 part entrance mat system is the brush loop mat. This mat is intended for outdoor use. The thick, coarse and non-absorbent carpet fibers of the brush loop entrance mats provide aggressive scraping action.

Brush and Clean Entrance Mats
The second mat of the three-part system is the brush and clean mat. Brush and clean mats are perfect for lobbies and foyers. Made with a dual-fiber construction, they make some of the most durable indoor and outdoor entrance mats. These mats are intended to scrape dirt and grass fibers from your footwear while absorbing water from your soles. They are also stain and fade resistant.

Clean Loop Entrance Mats
The third and final mat in the system is the clean loop carpet mats. Intended for indoor applications, these mats are perfect for foyers and hallways in spaces such as libraries, commercial buildings, offices, schools and health care facilities. Made of a stain and fade resistant polypropylene material, clean loop mats provide exceptional cleaning and drying features. The fine level loop Olefin fibers are designed for superior water absorption.

Combine these three mats to get the most out of your entrance flooring. They will help keep your floors clean and prevent damage to your commercial and home flooring surface finish due to unnecessary dirt, debris or moisture.

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